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A web app to make conscious consumption more practical in a transparent way in the city of São Paulo.


Expand access to knowledge and services related to the values of conscious consumption in the city of São Paulo.

Make Praxis the main tool for searching and connecting citizens to services / products that they value and are concerned with throughout the production and consumption chain.



Citizens living in the city of São Paulo, with no restricted age range and at different levels of socio-environmental awareness.



Develop a project to conclude a course for the Post-Graduation in Information Architecture and User Experience. From conception to the test stage of the navigable prototype and proposal for further improvements.



Conception, research, validation, strategy, architecture, interface, interaction, tests with users, proposals for implementation and future improvements.



Through geolocation, Praxis assists in the identification of points of purchase and proper disposal of materials in the municipality, being able to issue alerts about courses, planting efforts and selective collection times, also providing data for contact with producers and local commerce, with information on initiatives that relate to the conscious consumption chain.

We are currently looking for possible partnerships for implementation.

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