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Helping people to consult information on toxic ingredients in beauty and hygiene products.


The lack of consolidated and accessible information, whether due to technical language or availability, is now a problem for consumers and, consequently, for the planet. Allied to this, there is a suspicion about the ethics of the beauty and personal hygiene industry with regard to certain substances and the possibility of doing harm to human beings and the environment.



Citizens concerned with the consumption of substances contained in hygiene and beauty products that may be harmful to health and / or the environment.



Initially, the user will be able to search for ingredients by name and use filters on health risk, risk to the environment and allergenic potential.



Strategy, architecture, interface, interaction, tests with users, proposals for implementation and future improvements.


I worked from the conception of the business model, in the development strategy and in the product definitions. This is an independent project in the MVP development phase and still looking for notices and partnerships for growth.

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The online platform today has simplified information on the most common ingredients in hygiene and beauty products, with their due scientific sources and risks associated with health and the environment, assessed by a responsible chemist.

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