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An online tool to facilitate access to various tasks and intelligence in the pricing area of Gerdau Brasil.


Make Gerdau Brasil's pricing team more practical day-to-day transactions, replace old tools and add value and agility to the area.



Internal public of the company (Directors of pricing, marketing, managers and salespeople).



Work individually and in bulk, as well as simulations of adjustments and replacement of the prices of Gerdau products in a friendly way and in connection with the SAP platform.



Strategy, architecture, interface, interaction, tests with users, proposals for implementation and future improvements.


I worked in the definition of the strategy, working side by side with the pricing team, raising their tasks, challenges, pains and motivations that had to do with the scope. Through quantitative, qualitative research and interviews and shadowing, we raised the different profiles that would be contemplated in each stage.

We built the different journeys and their contact points to understand the requirements of each profile and how they talked to each other, dividing them into stories. We then set the goals for small deliveries using agile methodology to manage and prioritize the team's tasks, reviewing the backlog every two sprints and guiding our roadmap.



The areas involved now have a robust, fast and secure tool for receiving price registration requests, simulating and registering adjustments, managing the different access profiles and replacing prices without having to access SAP, with histories and features that allow them to register , agility and communication in a single environment.

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