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Frias Neto

Digital platform to search for properties for purchase, sale and lease, with an integrated system for sending documentation and signing the contract of the real estate firm Frias Neto.


The digitization of the key services of one of the largest real estate companies in the state of São Paulo.



General public and internal public of the company (Brokers, directors and assistants).



Build a search engine for properties in the company's portfolio and provide a virtual contact and bureaucratic procedures mechanism.



Strategy, architecture, interface, interaction, tests with users, proposals for implementation and future improvements.


I worked in the definition of the strategy, working side by side with the sales and property management team, raising their tasks, challenges, pains and motivations that had to do with the services covered. Through quantitative, qualitative research and interviews and shadowing, we raised the different profiles that would be contemplated in each stage.

We built the different journeys and their points of contact to understand the requirements of each profile and established different flows, directing the interactions that would be aimed at the general public and the internal public. In design sprints, we are able to make strategic decisions respecting the prototyping, testing and iteration steps.



The digital platform of the real estate agency Frias Neto provides a genuinely efficient digital experience and this is reflected in an increase in the demand for services. The tool was able to reduce the bureaucratic part of the contractual process, also providing a real estate search experience with features that add value to decision making, such as a virtual tour, comparisons between properties and personalized lists.

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